Joey Logano Wins Fourth Straight Nationwide Series Race at Dover International Speedway

Joey Logano wins 2013 5-Hour Energy 200 Nationwide Series race
Joey Logano wins 2013 5-Hour Energy 200 Nationwide Series race

Dover, Delaware (September 28, 2013) – Joey Logano raced his way into the history books again on Saturday, winning his fourth straight NASCAR Nationwide Series event at Dover International Speedway in the 5-Hour Energy 200. Joey Logano is now the only NASCAR Nationwide driver to ever win four times on the Monster Mile of Dover and the only driver to win four consecutive events in any racing series at the mile long superspeedway in Delaware.

When asked about his historic day, Joey answered. “This has been my favorite place ever since I started here. Even when I barrel-rolled down the straightaway, it’s still my favorite place.”

With four straight wins at the Monster Mile, it is not hard to see why this track is his favorite place to race. The race on Saturday at the old track was recorded as the fastest ever in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, beating the previous record of 130.152 set in 1998 by Dale Earnhardt. Jr. by 1.082 mph.

The fast race was really due to the 160 laps they raced under a green flag. Logano had the pole advantage and due to this was ahead for the first 18 laps, before Kyle Busch made his move. By the time they reached the 26th lap things became a lot tighter on the track, when the caution flag was raised due to a spin by Brian Scott. The caution flag was raised again during Lap 37, when Donnie Neuenberger ran into the wall. By this time in the race, the race car of Joey Logano was running noticeably slower on the track. This prompted Joey to come into the pits for a long stop, during which time he had this to say.

“[Busch was] really fast in the beginning of the race and we were really loose,” Logano said. “I even wanted to stop at the caution before that. But we decided to stay out a little bit longer and got that next caution. We took that hit on pit road making these big adjustments. “These Nationwide races are short and you have to make big swings early. [Crew chief] Jeremy [Bullins] made some big swings on this thing and got it close, and we just needed the one more stop to fine tune it. I was just able to run my race and take care of the tires, and do the right things in the car.”

The extended pit stop worked wonders for the race car of Logano and Busch had elected to stay out on the track and gain ground, instead of pitting. When Busch eventually had to head into the pit during Lap 87, the rest of the field followed his example a few laps later, and this put Busch behind the rest of the racers on pit stops, and would mean he would need to stop one more time before the end of the race.

By this time the tires of Logano were 30 laps newer than the race tires of Busch and he started to rapidly gain ground on the leader. He caught Busch on Lap 141 and from that point on there was nothing but open race track between him and the finish line.

Logano “When your car drives good here and you have what you need, when you have lapped traffic it doesn’t even slow you down,” Logano said. “When you’re loose, you get stuck. In these Nationwide races, being able to get through the lapped traffic as quick as possible is key to winning these things.”

At the press conference after the 5-Hour Energy 200 Joey Logano had a few things to say.

Joey Logano – No. 22 Hertz Ford Mustang – We had a fast race car.  I don’t know what else I need to say.  This Hertz Ford was really good when we unloaded and then throughout practice the track changed on us a little bit and last night we made some good changes on the race car.  Jeremy and all the guys and girls on the team did a good job tuning the thing up for me.  We started the race too loose and they went for it.  These Nationwide races are short.  You’ve got to make big swings real early and I feel like Jeremy and I have worked enough together now that when I say loose and how loose he kind of knows how much it is and he made some big swings on this thing and got it pretty close.  Then we needed one more stop to just kind of fine-tune it.  After that second green-flag stop it was dialed in pretty good.  I was just able to run my race and take care of the tires, make sure I was doing the right things in the car, and get another victory.  It’s just really cool to get four in a row here at Dover.  That’s pretty awesome.  It’s been my favorite race track ever since I started here, yes, even when I barrel-rolled down the back straightaway it’s still my favorite place, and I think we showed it today.  Hopefully, my Shell/Pennzoil Ford tomorrow is just as fast as this one.  If that’s the case, it’s gonna be a lot of fun.”

The No. 22 Hertz Ford
The No. 22 Hertz Ford

The crew chief for the No. 22 Hertz Ford Mustang, Jeremy Bullins, also had few comments on the race and car.

Jeremy Bullins – Crew Chief -No. 22 Hertz Ford Mustang “It means a lot that we’re continuing to build good cars.  This is another brand new car that the guys at the shop built.  We just keep pushing forward and, like Joey said, the first race here we learned a lot about what the car needs for him.  I feel like we’ve learned a lot about, like what he says, when he says ‘loose’ we’re learning how to work on it and we’re getting closer with that.  We talked about it before the race, there were a lot of streaks to be kept alive today and I think we managed to pull that off, so it was just a great day on pit road.  The guys did a good job.  The whole team just did an excellent job today.”

When asked why it has been so hard for him to have success on the race track on Sunday at Dover International Speedway, Joey answered.

Joey Logano “I tell you what, on the Cup side I really do feel like I’ve had some strong cars here.  I’ve had a lot of misfortune in the Cup races, but I’ve had a lot of fast race cars here that are capable of running top five.  I’ve had loose wheels.  I’ve had flat tires.  I’ve had motors blowing up.  I’ve gone through a lot here at this race track and that’s why if you look at the stats like you did, you wouldn’t know that we ran as well as we did, but we have run really well at this race track on the Cup side.  I’m expecting tomorrow to be similar, I hope.  As far as the way the Chase has gone, Chicago, we were doing everything we were supposed to do.  We got the pole and we were leading laps, but unfortunately things break on race cars every now and again and that cost us a really good finish there and a lot of points, obviously.  Last week at Loudon, it’s probably my toughest race track that I go to.  I go from the place that I hate the most to the place I love the most this week and we came out of there with a 14th-place finish, which is not good, but, for me, is decent actually.  We come here this weekend and we know that we can still run up there.  We still have a lot of momentum on this team and we know what we did to get in the Chase and how good we are, and we’ve just got to keep pushing forward and keep fighting.  I always say that the 22 team over there never quits and they never die and that’s what we did to get here.  We’re not out of it yet.  We can still win it.  We’ve got a tough road ahead of us and we really can’t have a bad race in the next eight, but we can still do it.  We’re not out yet.  The fat lady is not singing yet.  She’s warming up her voice, but she’s not singing yet.”

Was it surprising to see this race run 160 laps to the finish line without a caution and were you surprised how easily you caught up to Busch after the series of green flags evened out? 

Joey Logano “Yes and yes.  They were really fast in the beginning of the race.  We were really loose, so I even wanted to stop the caution before that because we were hanging on.  We were pretty loose, but we decided to stay out a little bit longer and then got that next caution.  We took our hit on pit road a little bit making these big adjustments that we were gonna lose a couple spots and some guys took two, and then we were able to drive our way close to the front and then, obviously, he didn’t pit so he has to pit earlier than us, and then at that point we have newer tires so we were able to kind of run him back down.  I don’t really know what happened after that.  I was just driving in circles as fast as I could.”

“That’s when we just came out on new tires and I radioed in to Jeremy and said, ‘This car is right on.  It’s right where I need it to be,’ and I was able to carry really fast lap times.  When your car drives good here and you have exactly what it needs, when you get to lap traffic it doesn’t even slow you down.  But if it’s loose like it was, you get to a lapped car and you’re just kind of stuck and you can’t go anywhere.  He had it right where I needed to be that I was able to pass cars when I got to them and really make up that gap a lot because in these Nationwide races having a fast car is one thing, but being able to get through the lap traffic as quick as possible is key to winning these things.”






Third Annual Better Half Dash on Bojangles’ Pole Night

The 201 Better Half Dash is expected to be even more fun
The 201 Better Half Dash is expected to be even more fun

Concord, North Carolina (Sept. 26, 2013) – Ladies start your engines! The girls of NASCAR are set to race 25 laps for charity during the third annual Better Half Dash on October 10 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The last two events saw Jacquelyn Butler walk away with the prized six-foot pink trophy in 2011. Last year the wife of NASCAR driver Travis Pastrana, Lyn-z Pastrana, drove to victory during the second annual Better Half Dash. This year last seasons champion indicates she is looking forward to repeating her success at Charlotte.

Lyn-z showing off her 2012 big pink Better Half Dash trophy
Lyn-z showing off her 2012 big pink Better Half Dash trophy

The ladies of NASCAR are set to run down the track in North Carolina just before the NASCAR Sprint Cup racers head out on the track to see who can do the fastest lap on Bojangles’ Pole Night. The ladies of NASCAR will drive U.S. Legend Cars International Banderos around the frontstretch quarter-mile for bragging rights and charities like Motor Racing Outreach and Speedway Children’s Charities.

The ladies from the 2012 Better Half Dash
The ladies from the 2012 Better Half Dash

Below you can check out which ladies are set to drive during the 2013 Better Half Dash.

Wendy Venturini, motorsports analyst for Fox Sports 1

Lyn-z Pastrana, wife of NASCAR driver Travis Pastrana

Kristen Yeley, wife of NASCAR driver J.J. Yeley

Michelle Gilliland, wife of NASCAR driver David Gilliland

Ashley Stremme, wife of NASCAR driver David Stremme

Heidi Stoddard, wife of NASCAR team owner Frank Stoddard

Jessica Park, wife of NASCAR driver Steve Park

Gina Cope, wife of NASCAR crew chief Ernie Cope

Amy Gordon, wife of NASCAR crew chief Todd Gordon

Melanie Self, a representative of Motor Racing Outreach

The better half of the team of Pastrana, Lyn-z is a sports professional, being a eight-time X Games medalist, and keeps her trophy from last year in their bedroom. She apparently likes her big pink trophy and expectations are for Lyn-z to be very competitive during the 2013 Better Half Dash.

Better Half Dash defending champion and eight-time X Games medalist, Pastrana is no stranger to winning, and she has a special fondness for her six-foot pink Better Half Dash trophy. “It’s actually sitting in our bedroom. None of Travis’ trophies are in our bedroom,” Pastrana said. “I’ve never gotten a trophy like that ever in all my action sports.” “It’s definitely a really fun experience,” Pastrana said. “It’s cool to get to know some of the other wives and bring the community together a little bit more.”

The starting positions for the 2013 Better Half Dash will be determined by qualifying on October 7, 2013, at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Race enthusiasts hoping to lend a hand to their favorite driver can show up to add their support, since the driver collecting the most donations will be in front of the field heading to the green flag. You can also help the charities each driver is helping by donating a few dollars in their name by visiting

Race fans can also have a little fun watching their favorite drivers act as crew chiefs and spotters during the 2013 Better Half Dash. The husbands will be in the pit taking care of the girls’ cars, but aren’t allowed to make any engine, chassis or suspension changes.

The lady that walks away with the 2013 Better Half Dash Championship will be given $10,000. $5,000 she can hand out to her favorite charities, while the other $5,000 will be given to Speedway Children’s Charities and Motor Racing Outreach.

People looking for more information on the 2013 Better Half Dash should check out or You can also follow all the fun and action by following #BetterHalfDash on Twitter.

This event is a must attend party for all race fans and ladies looking to have a little fun. Men can bring their better halves, while the ladies can hang out and talk to the girls of NASCAR.

See you at the track in Charlotte on October 10, 2013, for the 2013 Better Half Dash.

Will Fords Roll to Victory in the Pepsi Max 400?

MATT KENSETH – No. 17 Crown Royal Black Ford Fusion – DO YOU THINK
see what went down last week, so I can’t comment on that, but, in my
opinion, I think you race the same all year.  I think you should race
everybody the same whether they’re in the chase or not in the chase.
I think you try to show people respect all year because everybody has
the same right to be out there, whether they’re first in points or
FEEL SOMETHING COULD HAPPEN?  “No.  I race the same all year,
honestly, no matter where you are in the points.  If it came down to
the last week or something like that and you’re the point leader by a
bunch, you’re probably gonna be a little bit more careful, but, other
than that, as competitive as it is I think you race as hard as you can
all year.  Everybody has the same right to be out there.  Everybody is
out there racing for wins and have their own particular
CHAMPIONSHIP HOPES?  “I don’t want to ruin any race.  No matter where
you are in the points they’re all big races.  I think you go out there
and you’re gonna race whatever your style is all the time.  I don’t
think that really changes.  You still have to race hard all the time
because it’s so competitive that you can’t just go out and think about
not knocking a fender off.  You go out there and think about trying to
HELP YOU GET BACK UP IN THE POINTS?  “Where we are, we’ve got to gain
some significant points on the leader every week to get back in it and
have a realistic shot.  I think our performance has been picking up a
little bit lately, we just have to get a whole race put together.
We’ve been struggling with that a little bit.  There were times last
week where I thought we were very competitive but we didn’t finish it
off.  This has been a pretty good track for us in the past, so,
hopefully we can be competitive from the time we get on the track this
morning all the way through Sunday when we’re done and get a good
finish.  So that’s really what I’m more focused on is just trying to
get back up with the leaders and be competitive so we can get in a
really good position to win some races.”
October 8, 2010 Auto Club Speedway

YOU FEEL YOU NEED TO IMPROVE?  “Our adjustments have just not been
good enough to keep up with the track for whatever reason.  Last week,
the worst we ran the whole race was our last run and you can’t do that
because you’re not gonna get the finishes.  Lately, there have been a
lot of long, green-flag runs at the end and you’ve got to have your
car handling right and do the right things at the end of the race.  On
the last pit stop we came out ahead of Jimmie Johnson and he finished
second and we finished seventh without a caution, so we just haven’t
been doing the right things to keep up on whatever it is – track
conditions or adjustments.  That’s probably my fault for not knowing
what I need for adjustments.  I’m trying to give them the best
feedback I can and hope that we do the right things on the car in the
pits to get it running better.”  WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO DO WELL AT
CHARLOTTE?  “Track position has been really important there since the
introduction of this car with the spoiler and that pavement.  The
pavement has a lot of grip and even though the track gets pretty wide,
it’s a real fast track and kind of hard to pass so track position is
real important.  You’ve got to be in position the last couple of
RACE THERE?  “I don’t think there’s much of a difference.”  WHAT IS IT
GOING TO TAKE FOR ANYBODY TO BEAT THE 48?  “You’ve got to prove you
can beat them.  I’ve said it for five years, they’re the best team out
there and somebody has to beat them and knock them down before you can
say they’re not the best team.  Everybody says, ‘Oh, they don’t have
momentum.  They’re not running as good.’  Well, as soon as somebody
shows they can beat them, I’ll believe it.”  WHAT TRACK ARE YOU
about all of them.  I’ve really just been focused on Fontana this
weekend and then trying to get back on track here and get a good
engine has been helping a little bit.  I think there’s still some room
for improvement and Doug knows that – everybody knows that – because
we’ve only been working on it for six months or a year, whereas we
worked on that old engine forever.  I think it’s certainly an
advantage and it’s better than what we had, plus they keep getting it
“I hope so.  Fontana and Michigan are big horsepower race tracks, but
they’re also big handling race tracks as well.  It’s real similar to
Michigan, so if you perform well there, hopefully you’ll perform okay

Dress Like Your Favorite Driver” Contest Friday at Charlotte Motor Speedway

       CONCORD, N.C. (Oct. 4, 2010) – There’s no imposter for “The Greatest
Place to See the Race,” Charlotte Motor Speedway, but fans who impersonate
their favorite drivers at the October Race Month “Dress Like Your Favorite
Driver” Costume Contest on Friday, Oct. 8, can win great prizes, free
tickets and a VIP race experience.
       Fans will have an opportunity to show support for their favorite
drivers by dressing up like them and doing their best driver impersonations.
The celebrity judging panel, which will include Marcus Smith, president and
general manager of Charlotte Motor Speedway, as well as local WSOC-FM and
WFNZ-AM radio personalities, will select three finalists.  There will also
be a special competition category for children ages 12 and under.
       The grand prize will be four Clubhouse seats to the Bank of America
500 with VIP parking and passes to driver introductions. Every contestant
will receive a free ticket to the Bank of America 500 on Oct. 16 for each
Bank of America 500 ticket they purchase.
       The contest will take place at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Ticket
Office on the second floor of Smith Tower.  Contestants need to check in at
11:45 a.m., with first round judging at 12:15 p.m. and final judging at
12:30 p.m. To participate, fans can register in the Ticket Office.
       Charlotte Motor Speedway hosts the only night race in the Chase for
the NASCAR Sprint Cup with the Bank of America 500.
       Tickets for all October races at Charlotte Motor Speedway can be
purchased online at or by calling the
speedway ticket office at 1-800-455-FANS (3267). The Bank of America Fan 4
Pack includes tickets, hot dogs and Coca-Cola drinks starting at just $39.75
per person or fans can get four nights of great racing with the Bank of
America 500 Week Super Ticket for just $99.
       For daily updates on October race activities, connect with Charlotte
Motor Speedway by following on Twitter at or
become a Facebook fan at

The Chase Is On: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Live from California

The Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship continues Sunday, Oct. 10, as the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races in the Pepsi Max 400 at the 2-mile Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif., and ESPN will have a live telecast. The NASCAR Countdown pre-race show airs at 2 p.m. ET with the race telecast at 3 p.m. The race’s green flag is at 3:16 p.m. ESPN2 will air NASCAR Sprint Cup practice on Friday, Oct. 8, at 3 p.m. and qualifying at 6:30 p.m.
ESPN2’s season-long coverage of the NASCAR Nationwide Series continues at Fontana with a telecast of Saturday’s race. NASCAR Countdown airs at 4 p.m. with the race telecast at 4:30 p.m. The green flag flies at 4:46 p.m.
Marty Reid will call the action with analysis by Dale Jarrett, the 1999 NASCAR Sprint Cup champion, and two-time champion crew chief Andy Petree. Two-time champion crew chief Tim Brewer will report from the ESPN Craftsman Tech Garage, while pit reporters will be Dave Burns, Jamie Little, Dr. Jerry Punch and Vince Welch.  
NASCAR Countdown from the ESPN pit studio will be hosted by Allen Bestwick with analysis by 1989 NASCAR Sprint Cup champion driver Rusty Wallace and Brad Daugherty, a team owner in the series. The studio team will interact with the booth during the telecast of the race.
NASCAR Telecasts Continue to Include Unprecedented Access
During ESPN’s telecasts of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, viewers are able to virtually go inside the race teams due to the unprecedented access granted ESPN to in-car communication as well as crew chiefs and team members. Located within the production units in the ESPN TV compound is a radio room in which radio transmissions of all 43 teams in NASCAR races can be recorded during races, allowing producers to be able to lift specific transmissions of any driver or team at any time.In the telecast of Sunday’s race at Kansas Speedway, ESPN viewers were able to listen as driver Kyle Busch, his crew chief Dave Rogers and other members of the team debated on what repairs to make to the car after contact with David Reutimann damaged the car’s rear end. From the ESPN pit studio, host Allen Bestwick and analysts Rusty Wallace and Brad Daugherty commented on the transmissions. As Busch is one of the drivers in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, the decisions were critical as the team tries to win the series championship.
 Andretti, Craven, Evernham on NASCAR Now Roundtable
Former NASCAR Sprint Cup race winner John Andretti will join NASCAR on ESPN analysts Ray Evernham and Ricky Craven as panelists on NASCAR Now’s weekly roundtable discussion program airing Monday, Oct. 11, at 5:30 p.m. ET on ESPN2. Mike Massaro will host the edition of ESPN2’s daily NASCAR news and information program.
Nicole Briscoe hosts half-hour episodes of NASCAR Now airing at 5 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, Thursday at 6 p.m. and Friday at 8:30 p.m. Briscoe also hosts as NASCAR Now surrounds Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race in Fontana, Calif., with two episodes. The one-hour weekend edition of NASCAR Now presented by 5 Hour Energy airs at 9 a.m. with a preview of that day’s race, while the weekend wrap-up edition airs that night at 10 p.m. Shannon Spake and Marty Smith will report from California while Craven will join Massaro in the studio.
NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series in Pennsylvania
The NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series races this weekend in the Toyo Tires NHRA Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway in Reading, Pa., and ESPN2 will air highlights of qualifying and eliminations. Qualifying action airs Saturday, Oct. 9, at 10:30 p.m. ET, and coverage of eliminations airs Sunday, Oct. 10, at 9 p.m. 
The race, which last year celebrated its 25th anniversary, was held in September in the late 1980s and early 1990s, then moved to August a few years ago and now takes a crucial October spot on the schedule as the fourth event of the Countdown playoffs. Maple Grove Raceway has a long history of record performances, including the first side-by-side quarter-mile four-second and 300-mph Top Fuel passes, and the expected cool October climes should offer more of the same.
Paul Page anchors ESPN2’s coverage with analysis by 22-time NHRA winner Mike Dunn. Gary Gerould and Dave Rieff report from the pits. Rieff and Dunn host NHRA RaceDay presented by Lucas Oil on Sunday at 10 a.m. to set the stage for that day’s eliminations action. Offers RacingLive! During California Race
NASCAR fans looking for an online gathering during ESPN’s telecasts of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series now have a place to go on
RacingLive! on is a live blog where fans can engage in debate and discussion with writers and editors during the NASCAR Sprint Cup races. On Sunday, Oct. 10, RacingLive! California will kick off at 3 p.m. ET to coincide with ESPN’s telecast of the race at Auto Club Speedway.
Fans can join’s NASCAR experts in dissecting every aspect of the race live at
ESPN Radio Raceday Airs Saturday, Sunday
Each weekend morning, ESPN Radio’s RaceDay starts its engines at 6 a.m. ET with host Pat Patterson anchored from Daytona Beach, Fla. Patterson also originates the broadcast from several racetracks with key races during the season. On both Saturday and Sunday mornings, ESPN Radio’s RaceDay listeners get an hour of news, previews and analysis, as well as profiles and interviews with NASCAR’s biggest names and newsmakers and the involvement of listeners via calls and e-mails.
Additionally, many of ESPN’s NASCAR reporters and analysts contribute each week as ESPN networks televise the entire NASCAR Nationwide Series and the final 17 NASCAR Sprint Cup races, including the 10-race “Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup” championship. A list of ESPN Radio affiliates can be found at

Dollar General 300 Tickets Available for Just $7 with Danica Deal on Oct. 7

       CONCORD, N.C. (Oct. 5, 2010) – To mark Danica Patrick’s return to
Charlotte Motor Speedway, fans will get a one-day-only opportunity to
purchase tickets at a significantly reduced price to the Dollar General 300
NASCAR Nationwide Series race on Oct. 15, in which she will compete.
       Through the Danica Deal at Charlotte Motor Speedway, fans can
purchase Dollar General 300 tickets for only $7 on Thursday, Oct. 7. Patrick
will drive the No. 7 Chevrolet in the Nationwide Series race on
Oct. 15 at 8:00 p.m.
Only 700 tickets will be available at this special price, so fans are
encouraged to call 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or go online early on Oct. 7 to
receive the discount.
       In addition, fans who have already purchased tickets to the Bank of
America 500 on Oct. 16 can get the special $7 Danica Deal Dollar General 300
pricing during a one-day pre-sale on Oct. 6. Fans with Bank of America 500
tickets should call the ticket office at 1-800-455-FANS (3267) to receive
the Danica Deal discount.
       Indy Racing League driver Patrick has been in the NASCAR spotlight
this season as she competes in select Nationwide Series events for team
owner Dale Earnhardt Jr., including the Dollar General 300 at Charlotte
Motor Speedway during Bank of America 500 Week.
       Patrick began racing go-karts at age 10 and she won several World
Karting Association regional and national championships over a seven-year
period. While the Dollar General 300 will be her first appearance on the
1.5-mile oval at Charlotte Motor Speedway, she raced karts at the track
during the very early stages of her career.
       “I remember going down the back straightaway where Turns 3 and 4 are
on the main track and pretending I was racing cars out there on the track,”
Patrick said. “I took a ride there in a two-seat race car with the Petty
Driving Experience where you pay money and get to ride in the passenger’s
seat. I also remember walking the track one time and thinking, ‘Oh my gosh,
the banking is so steep you can barely walk on it.’ So I have a lot of
memories from Charlotte. That includes everything from visiting a slot car
track where we would hang out as kids to the (North Carolina) red clay.”
       Patrick and the other 42 Dollar General 300 competitors will battle
under the lights Friday night at Charlotte Motor Speedway in what will be
the final 2010 “preview” race for the new-generation Nationwide Series race
car. The new cars more closely resemble the street versions of the four
competing models and will be fully implemented for the 2011 season.
       Tickets for all October races at Charlotte Motor Speedway can be
purchased online at or by calling the
speedway ticket office at 1-800-455-FANS (3267). The Bank of America Fan 4
Pack includes tickets, hot dogs and Coca-Cola drinks starting at just $39.75
per person or fans can get four nights of great racing with the Bank of
America 500 Week Super Ticket for just $99.
       For daily updates on October race activities, connect with Charlotte
Motor Speedway by following on Twitter at or
become a Facebook fan at

The Safety of Your L-Category Vehicle is in Question

European Commission proposes long due Regulation on
type-approval of L-category vehicles

According to ACEM, main approach taken by the European Commission appears sound, but the specificity of the vehicles and appropriate lead-time have not always been properly considered – many crucial technical points remain open.

Brussels, 4.10.2010 – Today the European Commission adopted a long anticipated proposal on new type-approval of L-category vehicles. This proposal makes provisions on many different safety and environmental requirements for a wide range of vehicles such as two- or three-wheel powered cycles, mopeds, motorcycles with and without a side-car, tricycles, on-road quads and mini-cars. The Members of ACEM, the European Motorcycle Manufacturers Association, have been urging policy makers for a regulatory framework with a long-term vision ensuring employment and the competitiveness of the sector in Europe. 

Whilst broadly speaking the main approach of the European Commission appears sound, according to ACEM’s, in its complexity today’s proposal missed out on many important aspects which will need to be carefully considered by Council and European Parliament. These crucial technical points will also need to be addressed in the development of the four additional Regulations announced by the European Commission, which will contain test procedures, technical details and administrative provisions.
This regulation falls during a critical time for the motorcycle industry. The economic crisis triggered a drop in registrations of L-category vehicles. In 2010 the EU market has shrunk by one third compared to pre-crisis figures. The first semester of 2010 recorded a -30% compared to the same period of 2008, indicating that this sector is still far from recovery.

In this context, ACEM wishes to underline the utmost importance of the progressive introduction of environmental and safety measures allowing for sufficient lead-time, for new and existing types. This is particularly important given the price impact that the proposed legislative package will have, especially for small and medium displacement vehicles.  

The EC proposed provisions in regards to market surveillance are welcome to safeguard economic operators against unfair competition and, provided they are implemented effectively, will ensure re-establishing a level playing field and preventing non-compliant products from reaching the EU market, while restoring confidence in EU legislation.

The Motorcycle Industry in Europe is looking forward to working with the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council on this proposal and will release more detailed comments in the coming days.

Stefan Pierer, ACEM President and CEO of Austrian manufacturer KTM Sport Motorcycles stated: “Since 2004 ACEM Members have been at the forefront of road safety, with voluntary commitments on Automatic Headlamp On and Advanced Braking Systems.  In regards to environmental measures, Industry proposals have been laid out already in 2008 presenting the EC with a feasible roadmap.  While the document reflects some of the industry proposals, the addition of some technically unrealistic requirements, which do not take into account current production and market realities, are of serious concern and require further detailed reflections, to ensure competitiveness and employment in the sector.”

Note to editors:
ACEM, the Motorcycle Industry in Europe, is the professional body representing the interests and combined skills of 12 powered two wheelers (PTWs) manufacturers producing a total of 26 motorcycle and moped brands, and 15 national associations out of 13 European countries, guaranteeing jobs to over 150.000 people. The aggregated turnover of the PTW sector (manufacturing, plus upstream and downstream activities) amounted to Euro 34 billion in 2006. Manufacturers alone account for Euro 7 billion. The members of ACEM are responsible for 90% of the production and up to 80% of the European powered two-wheeler (PTW) market.

Reference document:
European Commission, Enterprise and Industry, Legislative Proposal:

More information, statistics and policy statements at: