Story of Your Sports Life

Hi!  My name is Warren Hayashi.  I bet you have a story you would like to tell the world, but you’re not sure how to go about writing your story in an entertaining, informative and educational way to the readers who might benefit from experiences and moments of your life.  Many people in the world today have interesting, informative and educational life stories that we would all benefit from and enjoy reading about.

  If your one of these people and you would like to tell the world about the story of your life, but you lack the time, energy, professional skills to tell your story in away that will draw the attention of readers, then I can help you.

  I  work for, a site that is owned and run by a world charity that is dedicated to many inspiring projects, of which is just one.  My job to search the world for people with interesting stories to tell about their life experiences, a never-ending job that has introduced me to interesting people all over the Earth and I want to tell your story too.

  If you would prefer to write your own story the site allows this too, my job is provide writing services to people who cannot, or don’t want to do the writing themselves, for various reasons.

  This is how it will work, send me a story about a time period in your life, a day, an hour, it doesn’t matter, but make it a specific story about a specific event or story, not a full autobiography.  I will compose a story with the material you send me in third person and I will send it back to you for review, checking and such, and then we will go to the site and create a profile for you and download the story, actually the techs at the site will do this, we will send them the story.  Then the whole world will be able to read about you and your life, we have millions of current users on the websites, so readers won’t be a problem and soon the world will know more about the life and time of, you.

  If this sounds like a fun and exciting project that you would like to be part of, then send me your story at and well get started and before you know it people will be talking about you.  Or stop by the site and sign up for a free membership and begin telling the world your life story yourself, whichever, let’s get out there and do it.

Warren Hayashi