Kelly Bires will drive the No 25 Raybestos Brakes Ford for Team Rensi Motorsports in the Sept. 10 NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Richmond (Va.) International Raceway.  
Bires has made seven starts this season and claimed one top-10 finish (seventh-place in race No. 2 at Auto Club Speedway).  He has racked up 12 top-10 finishes in 75 career starts.  Team Rensi Motorsports has earned five wins, 42 top-five and 98 top-10 finishes since its inception in 1999.
The image of a 1932 Ford hot rod roadster pickup will be displayed on the car’s rear quarter panels.  The Raybestos Roadster Pickup will be given away to a professional mechanic or do-it yourself Raybestos customer as part of a national promotion.  Visit for more details.
KELLY BIRES, No. 25 RAYBESTOS BRAND BRAKES FORD:  “It’s a huge opportunity not only for me and not only the team but to have Raybestos come on board and to be able to go to a track where brakes mean everything and firing the 25 car back up with Raybestos logos on the quarter-panels.  It’s going to be a neat deal.  Richmond is a place that I enjoy going to and running at and a place where I’ve had some pretty good finishes.”  WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO RUN WELL AND TAKE CARE OF THE BRAKES AT RICHMOND?  “There’s really no way at Richmond to be easy on your brakes.  You pretty much need a brake that’s going to withstand the heat and the longevity of the race.  Being that it’s a short track, you’re using a ton of brake.  It’s probably the number one thing that actually can change or hurt you with the handling of the race car.  I’ve had brake problems there in the past with different systems and I ran the race there earlier this year with the Raybestos brakes on it and had a great finish so that’s why I’m looking forward to going back there.  Any short track in NASCAR requires with the heavy cars and stuff that we’ve got here, it just requires extreme braking package and a package that can handle the abuse of it.  We’re just happy to have Raybestos on the car.”  COMMENT ON TEAM RENSI MOTORSPORTS.  “The nice thing is it’s a team that’s been together, lots of people have been there for quite a few years.  It’s kind of like a little bit of a family built in there.  They’ve had success in racing.  I remember watching them back in 2003, 2004, 2005 winning races and running up front.  It’s a team that you always looked forward to possibly driving for.  To be able to work with Ed Rensi and everyone involved at the shop.  The re’s a lot of good people and they build really good race cars.  The Richmond car we’ve got going on the track we’re extremely excited about.  We feel we can go there and have a really good run.”  IS THERE A POSSIBILITY THAT YOU COULD RUN MORE RACES FOR TEAM RENSI THIS SEASON IF THINGS GO WELL AT RICHMOND?  “Well we definitely hope that.  You know as well as I do about this sport.  It’s kind of unpredictable how everything works out.  I mean, that’s our ultimate goal is to literally use this race and build off it and go have a good s olid run and show people what we can do.  Being that it’s a race with the new car style it’s going to be good to kind of build the notebook off it.  There’s just a lot of good things about going into this race and going there and running well.  We hope to run in a few more races through the end of the year.  That’s the ultimate game plan, get some good solid finishes and be able to put up something we can sell for the future.”  HAVE YOU DRIVEN THIS NEW NATIONWIDE SERIES CAR?  “I have not.  I have only driven a couple of the Cup cars, tested before, but have never driven this new Nationwide COT car.  It’s nice what N ASCAR does.  They gave us an open day to go test there on Thursday [Sept. 9] so it allows the teams to be able to kind of figure some stuff out without being rushed through a two-hour practice that you usually get there.  So it allows people to go in there and work at their own pace and try to figure it out being that it’s such a new car to everyone.  It should be interesting.  It’s such a great time that I don’t think we’re going to be too far off when we unload for the start of that test day.  I think we’re going to be close and it’s just a matter of just figuring out how this car reacts different than the old car did and what I need different in it than what we started with or whatever it might be.  R ealistically I think we’re going to be pretty close and we should be a strong top-15 team.”  WHAT WOULD BE A GOOD NIGHT FOR YOU AT RICHMOND?  “I think a good night for the 25 car there would be a strong top-10 finish.  Just running in the top-10, being competitive, finishing on the lead lap, finishing the race, doing all of the above there I think it almost guarantees you a good top-10.  I think the car is going to have enough speed to be able to do that.  I think if you come up to me after the race and I finish anywhere in the top-10 I’d be pretty thrilled.”  SCOTT ZIPADELLI WILL BE YOUR CREW CHIEF AT RICHMOND.  “Scott Zipadelli is going to come on board to do that one race for that car.  I’ve got a little bit of a working relationship with him in the past.  He actually was a crew chief of mine for the first year and a half that I was in the Nationwide Series for the 47 car.  It’s good to have him on board and it kind of eliminates a little bit of the learning process.  Trying to learn a car, crew chief and a team it’s more or less that the crew chief/driver relationship is already there so it’s a matter of just working on the car and seeing what it needs.”  
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