When Bat Meets Ball


3 thoughts on “When Bat Meets Ball

  1. A discovery of special techniques of how to train a hitter to hit at least 50 point over his normal batting average while increasing his ability to hit for power at the same time.

    The research on this training has concluded that within one season of learning the training that over 100 teams who have used the technique have in erased their team batting average and smuggling percentage by more than 50 points while nearly doubling their runs per game total.

    The techniques have one of the highest and strongest testimonials to date and is actually designed after the swing secrets of the great Ted Williams who is noted as being one of the greatest hitters of all time and the last hitter to hit .400.

    Mr. Williams has even recognized this training back in 2001 and the techniques were introduced and explained to his family back in 2003.

    It has been said by Ted Williams that if his swing secrets were ever released that more hitting records would be broken and the excitement of baseball would be as good as it was in the steroid era.

    1. Hi Mike: Ted Williams is a master of hitting a baseball. It’s said bye some that hitting a 100 mph pitch could be the most difficult task in human sports.

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