Kentucky Speedway Expanding Parking Facilities

Sparta, Kentucky ( 2012-03-12) – Speedway Motorsports Inc. (SMI) just announced they had acquired 143-acres of land to be used to expand parking facilities at the Kentucky Speedway. They are also hiring new staff and engineering personnel to help manage automotive and pedestrian traffic at the track during race days. Presently, the firm plans on investing $7.5 million in order to achieve these goals in the months ahead.

Speedway Motorsports Inc is spending $7.5 million to enhance parking at the Kentucky Speedway
Speedway Motorsports Inc is spending $7.5 million to enhance parking at the Kentucky Speedway

The Kentucky Department of Transportation is also planning on enhancing parking access by improving connecting highways to the Kentucky Speedway.

“We learned meaningful lessons during our inaugural NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race weekend and we committed that the traffic congestion that occurred on race day would not happen again. It was important for us to act quickly and I am thrilled to report this solution, which was formed in only seven short weeks. I compliment and thank SMI Chairman and CEO Bruton Smith, Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear and KYTC Sec. Mike Hancock for working collaboratively on this plan,” Kentucky Speedway General Manager Mark Simendinger said.

Speedway Motorsports expects the expanded parking facilities to increase available parking at the race track by about 35 percent with this announcement. They also plan on further improving the track by reenforcing all areas using gravel and by implementing new painting guidelines to maximize parking at the site.

The firm has hired Veteran’s Security and Patrol to manage parking during up coming races at the Kentucky Speedway. This security firm currently provides similar security and parking services at racing venues like the Daytona International Speedway, Pocono Raceway and Watkins Glen International. The Kentucky Speedway will also use the services of a top traffic engineering firm to help implement and assimilate the changes being planned and create the best possible traffic plan for the site.

“Kentucky Speedway is a premier destination for the country’s best racing, and it’s clear that tens of thousands of people want to be right here to experience those events. The NASCAR race weekend this July was a huge success, but it did experience traffic problems, caused largely by inadequate parking,” said Gov. Beshear.  “To assure visitors have an even better experience next year, we’ve worked hand in hand with SMI to plan improvements that will benefit fans on race day and Gallatin County residents year-round.”


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