AJ Allmendinger Post Qualifying Press Conference

AJ Allmendinger Post Qualifying Press Conference

GOOD QUALIFYING EFFORT OUT OF YOU, YOU HAVE TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT STARTING UP FRONT TOMORROW NIGHT.  “Yeah, this is not one of my best tracks. We have had decent qualifying runs here, but it just seemed like in the race we are a little bit off. I felt excited all day today about being in race trim. The car was pretty good. Juan (Pablo Montoya) got to go out there and put a lap down, but I had to sit and wait and watch everyone put down these fast laps. You start going ‘Man, can I run that fast?’  Starting up front here is important and to be in the top five is a good thing. Hopefully we just have a solid day tomorrow.  HOW DO YOU THINK YOUR CAR IS GOING TO TRANSFER GOING FROM DAY TO NIGHT?  “That is something that we have really worked hard on. That is probably the thing we struggle with the most in these races. The races we practice at during the day and then race at night, our race team on the 43 side feel like we struggle with it. I am actually proud of the guys because we feel like we are making gains on narrowing in the box of making the car better. Today the car was pretty solid. Everything we did to it we were pretty fast. You never really know going into the night race, but I am pretty excited that we are at least close enough in a box that if we make some small changes before tomorrow we will be okay.”  DO YOU THINK THE ‘HAVE AT IT BOYS’ MENTALITY WILL BE PREVALENT IN THE CHASE OR WILL EVERYTHING SETTLE DOWN?  “How many guys have you made mad so far Juan?”  “I am not even in the Chase.  The way I look at it, they have to avoid me right? (laughter) Obviously it is NASCAR. Everybody has incidents. Whether anybody wants to pay up when it is time for the Chase and things like that, I think for us we have nothing to lose when it comes to it.”


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