Jeremy Mayfield Talks Inside the Lines

Jeremy Mayfield on ESPN’s Outside the Lines Sunday
Suspended NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield tells reporter Steve Delsohn, in Mayfield’s first one-on-one nationally televised interview, that NASCAR is using his situation to scare the sport’s marquee drivers who he says use drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine. The interview airs on Outside the Lines on Sunday, Oct. 25, at 9 a.m. ET on ESPN.
NASCAR suspended Mayfield in May after he tested positive for methamphetamine. Mayfield vehemently denies the validity of the results, claiming the positive result was due to his use of Claritin-D and Adderall for allergies and ADHD, respectively. Five days after Mayfield’s suspension was lifted, however, he tested positive again, with methamphetamine levels usually only seen in chronic users. A handful of estranged friends and family say they have seen Mayfield use methamphetamine repeatedly, but he insists his relationships with them are strained and that they are lying.
Some quotes from Outside the Lines:
“I wish I could sit here and say ‘No, it’s not over,’ but realistically, I would have to have a sponsor, or own my own team, or find a ride, and all those are virtually impossible with the baggage that comes along with me now.” — Jeremy Mayfield, on whether his NASCAR career is over
“No, they could never be confused for methamphetamine in a confirmation.” — Dr. Anthony Butch, director of the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory, which performs drug testing for U.S. Olympic athletes, the NFL and the NCAA, on whether a combination of Adderall and Claritin-D could cause a positive test for methamphetamine
“You use me as an example to let everybody know who may have already tested positive for marijuana, cocaine or whatever, that they haven’t got anybody for, and it puts the fear of God in everybody in the whole sport. I was a good example, a good pawn who wasn’t going to cost them any money at all. I was worth more to them as a failed drug test then I am as a driver, owner for my own team.” – Jeremy Mayfield


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