Moto Guzzi Announces “Grand Tour of Italy in America” Winner

Moto Guzzi Announces “Grand Tour of Italy in America” Winner

From Tuscany (California) to Rimini (South Carolina) and 78 Italian-inspired
destinations in between, an Ohio motorcycle enthusiast lives la dolce vita

New York, NY – February 6, 2009 – John E. Frick, a Cincinnati, Ohio-based
business owner, passionate motorcycle enthusiast and long-distance endurance
rider, will be enjoying his next two-wheel adventure on a new Moto Guzzi
Norge 1200.  Moto Guzzi’s distinctive sport touring bike has been awarded to
Frick for winning the “Grand Tour of Italy in America,” a unique motorcycle
tour created by the American Motorcycling Association (AMA) as part of its
AMA Road Riding Cycle Trader Tours With KOA Along The Way program.  The “do
it yourself” tour was designed to appeal to riders who appreciate both the
thrill of the ride and the joy of discovering new destinations – in this
case all inspired by Italian locales and culture.

Participants were challenged to chart their own course from an official list
of destinations, ranging from towns like The Vatican, Louisiana, to venues
such as the Tuscany Motel in Wildwood, New Jersey.  Embodying the relaxed
pace and spirit of Italy, the tour stipulated no time or mileage limits,
allowing riders to travel at their own pace.  Riders documented each
official stop with a photo to provide proof of their visit. One point was
earned for each destination in a participant’s home state; two points were
awarded for stops visited in adjoining states, and three points for all
distant destinations. 

Competitors with 25 or more points earned a commemorative pin and were
entered into a special sweepstakes.  In addition to the Moto Guzzi Norge
1200 grand prize, sweepstakes winners received “motociclista style”
wearables from Moto Guzzi’s new line of retro-inspired sweaters, as well as
modern riding gear designed for the serious enthusiast.

All registrants received a complimentary Moto Guzzi towel, collectible pin,
and a coupon redeemable for a new Moto Guzzi hat. 

To claim his Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 grand prize, Frick visited more than
80 locations over the course of seven months. Stops included Argenta, Il;
Milan, TN; Rimni, S.C.; Rome, MS; Genoa, WI; Verona, ND; Tivoli, NY;
Sardinia, OH; Parma, MO, and, of course, Italy, TX.  Frick also visited
more than 25 Motor Guzzi dealerships, as well as Italian-themed locations
such as the Italian-American Banquet Hall in Livonia, MI, and an Italian
festival in Nutley, NJ.

“For me, every phase of the Grand Tour was fun, from planning and riding to
finding a unique or interesting object for the photo to document the visit,
even the record-keeping,” Frick said. “The learning element of the tour
was certainly a big part of the attraction. For example, I previously had no
idea that there is a city in Italy (population 32,000)  with the name of
Nola.  So I decided to visit Nola, Mississippi, which may have a population
of 10!”

With plenty of roads leading to Rome – or hundreds of other Italian-inspired
destinations – Frick’s adventures prove that the Italian spirit is thriving
on U.S. soil.  And, when enjoyed on a legendary Moto Guzzi motorcycle, it’s
double the dolce vita.

About Moto Guzzi and Piaggio Group
Founded in 1921, Moto Guzzi is one of Europe’s oldest continuous
manufacturers of motorcycles. This revered brand continues to produce
machines from its original location on the beautiful shores of Lake Como in
the village of Mandello del Lario, Italy. For information about Moto Guzzi,

With approximately 7,000 employees, approximately 708,500 vehicles sold in
2007, 5 R&D centers, 7 production facilities in Europe and Asia, and
operations in over 50 countries, the Piaggio Group has a consolidated
leadership in the European 2 wheeler market.  Its production includes
scooters, motorcycles and mopeds in the 50cc to 1,200 cc displacement range,
marketed under the Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Derbi, Aprilia, Scarabeo and Moto
Guzzi brands.


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