Aprilia Sportcity Cube 250 Hits the Streets



New York – September 10, 2008 – Aprilia reaffirms its status as the
high-performance scooter class-leader with a complete redesign of the highly
successful large-wheel SportCity. Emboldened with a hi-tech, fuel-injected
engine and elegant, yet sporty appearance, the all-new SportCity Cube 250
promises to transform the drudgery of commuting into exciting and limitless
possibilities in urban mobility.
Distinctive Styling Cues: Italian at Heart

Virtually every aspect of the SportCity is imbued with striking new design
elements. At the front end is a reshaped mudguard and grille accentuated by
attractive lightweight 15-inch aluminium wheels. An aerodynamic bikini
fairing protects the rider from the elements and holds an entirely revamped
analog-digital instrument cluster that is easy to read-with a wider range of
information-safely accessible from a handlebar-mounted switch. The SportCity
has a wider, more comfortable seat, ergonomically shaped for added comfort
with a textile cover providing substantial grip to reduce sliding.
The larger luggage rack has improved grab handles for the passenger and
capacity of the under seat compartment has been increased. The clever,
lockable glove compartment has an outlet for recharging a cell
phone-reflecting Aprilia’s savvy at understanding the needs of today’s
technology-driven commuter.
Performance: Technological Advances Abound
The SportCity is graced with a healthy, performance-oriented single-cylinder
244cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine with sophisticated 4-valve head and
overhead camshaft, providing a significant rush of power. The torquey engine
produces an astonishing 22.5 horsepower at 8,000 rpm for quick acceleration
from standstill-perhaps the most important attribute for a scooter in an
urban environment of stop and go traffic.
This kind of performance elevates the SportCity into the realm of a
medium-range commuter and back road rambler while the clean-burning engine
remains environmentally friendly and conveniently miserly on fuel. The
generous 9-litre tank gives the SportCity substantial range and relative
estrangement from gas stations, contributing to the scooter’s minimal
operating costs.

Structural Integrity: Big Bike Handling
The SportCity’s high strength steel frame provides exceptional strength
despite the open platform design, which provides increased room for the
rider’s feet. The rigid chassis renders increased stability and precise
handling at high and low speeds for increased rider confidence.
Advanced 35mm-diameter hydraulic telescopic forks provide 100mm of travel on
the front while the engine/transmission assembly works as the rear swingarm,
suspended by twin shock absorbers. The combination comfortably and
confidently smoothes out any obstacles the asphalt jungle places in the
SportCity’s path.
The scooter’s lightweight and short wheelbase coupled with its agile
reflexes enables it to effortlessly tackle the demands of the inner city,
allowing riders to easily maneuver confidently through traffic while
possessing an aptitude for nabbing prime parking spots.
To accommodate the increased level of performance, the SportCity possesses
sophisticated stopping power in the form of twin 260mm discs mated to twin
piston calipers on the front, with a single 220mm disc on the rear. The
result is superior braking performance to promote and ensure increased
The extensive technological advances, combined with the allure of ingrained
Italian aesthetics, make the Aprilia SportCity Cube 250 a dynamic and
practical solution to the challenges of urban mobility. The SportCity
carries an MSRP of $4699 (USD) and is available in brilliant Planet Blue and
striking Crowd Silver.
Aprilia offers a wide range of accessories to compliment the SportCity
Cube’s abundant standard equipment, such as a larger windscreen and various
top boxes for additional carrying capacity.


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