Moto Guzzi presents the new Stelvio 1200 4V

 Moto Guzzi presents the new Stelvio 1200 4V

Combining a slender and streamlined lower body paired with a compact and robust upper body to produce outstanding ergonomics for the rider, this all purpose motorcycle celebrates the adventurer in us all.

New York, March 16, 2008 – Italian motorcycle guru’s Motor Guzzi, ground-breaking and revolutionary designers and creators of many of the world’s and history’s finest two-wheeled machines, announces the debut of the 2008 Stelvio 1200 4V.

Designed to brave any path before its rider, this new maxi-enduro by Moto Guzzi devours kilometres of paved roads as quickly as off-road surfaces, inspired by the echoes of the popularity of African marathon races of old, an austere motorcycle, visually dominated by impressive tanks strongly integrated to the fairings that extend until the engine is almost hidden.  The new Stelvio 1200 4V has broken the traditional mould of the austere looking models in this market segment by introducing new intense shapes and a dynamic energy that evokes the feeling of adventure, timeless routes, and extreme riding.  Ready to empower a new generation of adventurers in their quest for unseen horizons, the Stelvio 1200 4V is currently streaking along the streets and by ways of Europe in three available colour options; red Corsa to please the classic sports biker; a traditional black Guzzi for those with fond memories, and glamorous Lunar white to really grab the eye.

Moto Guzzi has developed a stylistic idea as a countertrend, highlighting the dynamic energy of the visual appeal of the mechanics and chassis, by introducing tight-fitting panels, with clean cuts and sharp defined lines that give the Stelvio a sensation of lightness and power, combined with solid sophistication and style.  Sculptured shapes designed to respond to an active and intense riding life, like a powerful double front headlight assembly, the windshield and the adjustable seat, the ample section of chassis guides, the aluminum exhaust silencer, and the careful assessment for passenger and luggage transport. The new Stelvio is a class leader enhanced by features, which while fulfilling a stylistic function, set new boundaries in terms of sportbike effectiveness and safety, on and off the road.

The secret is the new upper twin spar frame, made of high-strength steel, with 2.5mm thick directional tubes, where the engine is anchored through six connecting points, two more than in usual frames that provide high rigidity to the assembly at twisting moments.  Equipped with front radially mounted brakes with 4 opposed pistons and 320mm discs and a rear 282mm disc brake, floating calliper with two parallel pistons, that provides excellent stopping power .

The design concept of the Stelvio has been created to stress the throbbing heartbeat of the Stelvio 1200 4V, the unforgettable and unmistakable sound and look of the 90 degree transversal V-twin engine in a functional “quattrovalvole” (four valve) version.  A new evolutionary advance incorporating 563 new parts have been designed into the engine to allow this 90 degree V-twin to have a single overhead camshaft distribution system, which controls 4 valves per cylinder.

Moto Guzzi has always been synonymous with fine motorcycles and the new Stelvio 1200 V4 is the next in their line of dominating beasts for all terrain and moods.  The Stelvio is scheduled to be unveiled in the United States in August, so check with your nearest Motor Guzzi dealer for specifics on when you can expect to pick up your new Stelvio or, for more information.

Estimated retail price $14,990.


One thought on “Moto Guzzi presents the new Stelvio 1200 4V

  1. MG has one of the coolest engine design. It hasn’t changed for the last 25 years. The new models (Bellagio etc) looks just great.
    I think MG has a great future ahead

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