Legends Display

Pickerington, Ohio – Motorcycle enthusiasts spruce up your best two-wheeled girl for a road trip to Pickerington, Ohio, on July 24, 2008.  The Motorcycle Hall of Fame is having a celebration to unveil the fifth in a series of ‘Legends’ displays honouring renowned motorcycle craftsman Arlen Ness.

  A legend of motorcycle lore, icon for a generation of motorcycle designers and builders, and a 1992 inductee into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, Arlen Ness will celebrate with peers, fans, and friends the opening of “Awesome-Ness.”

  “Awesome-Ness” will include motorcycles and personal items from Arlen Ness’s private collection.  The display is curated by photographer Michael Lichter, author of “Arlen Ness: The King of Choppers”, who shares his interesting and unique eye for detail, to give visitors a neck-deep look at the celebrated designers life and work.

  This fifty instalment in the life and times of Arlen Ness will include 11 of Arlen’s legendary designs, including “Two Bad”, two engines are always better than one; “Top Banana”, top banana of the Discovery Channel’s “Biker Build Off”; “Mach Ness”, James Bond tried to buy one; and “Untouchable”, the customized 1947 knucklehead that started Arlen Ness’s story.

  “Awesome Ness” begins at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum in Pickerington, Ohio, on July 24, 2008, but the display will show until June 2009, giving you plenty of time to plan your road trip.

  Mr Ness will cut the ribbon at around 6 p.m. so make your plans accordingly if you plan on meeting Mr. Ness, and other motorcycle heroes.  The public is invited to attend the opening of this exhibit celebrating the life and work of a pioneer in the art of designing and creating motorcycle masterpieces.  Drop by to take in a little of motorcycle history and breath in a weekend of unforgettable motorcycle lore and heritage.


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