Aprilla RSV 4 Adrenalin Personified


   Aprilla is proud and excited to announce the introduction of the newest two-wheeled marvel for adrenalin junkies.  Welcome the Aprilla RSV 4, feel the rush of excitement as you race down the road on the adrenalin driven Aprilla RSV 4. Let the Aprilla RSV 4 fill you with a thrill few superbike riders will ever feel.


  Experience the power that has challenged the world of 125cc and 250cc race bike in 2006 and 2007 and emerged the victor.  Utilizing advanced electronics and engine management technologies, including a ride-by-wire system that will produce over 200 horsepower in race form and implementing space age materials and electronics technologies that allow for maximum ride-ability and overall power output.


  At the RSV 4’s heart is a compact, 65 degree V-Four, the company’s first production four-cylinder engine, which was designed in house by Aprilla’s R & D department.


  Aprilla has stated that the RSV 4 will be their foray into the superbike racing category, a category for which they haven’t yet captured a world championship.


  Expect the RSV t to show up on the roads later this year.  Aprilla projects the bike to make its way to U.S. dealers in 2009, with a projected objective of entering the AMA Superbike competition in 2010. 

  Pricing details haven’t been released yet, but expect to pay for what you get.



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